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Prince Devitt booked in New Japan Pro Wrestling Loser Leaves Town match

New Japan Pro Wrestling booking Prince Devitt in a Loser Leaves Town match on their Invasion Attack 2014 iPPV on Apr. 6th in Tokyo's Sumo Hall suggests that the Irish leader of the Bullet Club is WWE bound.

Prince Devitt looks to be WWE bound
Prince Devitt looks to be WWE bound
Wikimedia Commons

Since last summer, there have been rumors swirling that WWE were highly interested in signing New Japan Pro Wrestling's top junior heavyweight, 32 year old Irish wrestler Prince Devitt, who made great strides last year as a character by heading up New Japan's top foreigner heel gang The Bullet Club.

Those rumors heated up when Devitt didn't sign a new annual contract with NJPW in January and word leaked that he had been offered a developmental deal by WWE shortly thereafter.

As a sweetener to get Devitt to put his name to paper, apparently a clause was added to his proposed WWE contract promising only a short stay in their developmental league NXT before being promoted to the main roster.

Initial word was that Devitt was still playing hard to get, possibly as a negotiating strategy to get a much better deal than most WWE newcomers get. However, now there's strong evidence to believe that Devitt has finally decided to leave the security of his New Japan home for eight years and take a chance on becoming an even bigger star with the American major league, WWE.

That's because NJPW has booked a Loser Leaves Town match between Prince Devitt and Ryusuke Taguchi, Devitt's former long time tag partner who he turned on a year ago before forming the Bullet Club, on their Invasion Attack 2014 iPPV on Apr. 6th in Tokyo's Sumo Hall.

Of course, there's always the chance this could be a swerve by New Japan bookers Gedo and Jado to fool their hardcore fans if Devitt has quietly committed to their promotion, but more likely this is a way to write Devitt out of their storylines before he moves to America.

If that's indeed the case, then Devitt should next be seen on NXT in the next month or two.

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