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Dean Ambrose doesn't want to connect with you on Twitter or Facebook

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The Shield star has an interesting viewpoint on social media, one you might appreciate or strongly disagree with.

Considering the emphasis the powers that be place within WWE place on social media, it's somewhat surprising that top stars within the promotion aren't as active on Facebook and Twitter. Oh sure, you've got your John Cena motivational tweets mixed with storyline bits, or your cryptic Bray Wyatt updates, but then you've got Dean Ambrose.

If you look at his Twitter account, you'll see that he has 115,361 followers (as of this writing, at least), he isn't following anyone himself, and he's only tweeted three times. His timeline, however, reveals a simple retweet from all the way back in March 2012:

That's it.

His Facebook page has just over 15,000 "likes" but it's clear he's not running it and may not even have any idea it exists. There's a reason for that, too, and his explanation for it is as interesting as the man himself.

From his interview with The Reminder:

"I probably don't have any more of a bigger following on the Internet than anybody else does, I just probably have a stranger one. I don't know where that comes from. Maybe it's just the kind of person I attract. I'm aware that that's there, but I try to not pay too close attention to it, unless for simple entertainment purposes. As far as social media and all that, I understand connecting with fans on a different level, but I don't feel the need to open myself up to the opinion of everybody in the world with a phone or computer. I just don't get that; being connected to everybody on such a superficial level like that. It's not really for me.

"There's a kind of mystery when you don't put yourself out like that. When you don't put yourself out like that, people start to kind of create their own version of you in their head of what you really are like or who you really are and things about you become rumors and all that becomes true. People's perception of me they haven't even realized is probably so, or it might be kind of real, but maybe they know but [maybe] they don't. No one really has any idea about me. To me, what I give you is what happens onscreen and past that, anything you're coming up with in your own head you're creating in your own mind. But it's cool. I'd rather have too many weird fans than no fans at all. I love all those crazy girls."

There is so much more to the full interview I strongly encourage you go check it out by clicking here. After you do, come back and tell us your thoughts on Ambrose's comments here.