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Here's Scooby Doo just hanging out with WWE stars in front of the Mystery Machine

This is special.


Look at that picture. Just look at it. Isn't it glorious?

Brodus Clay wearing a gigantic blue suit. Sin Cara looking smooth in black but still wearing his mask. The Miz tucked in with an oddly creepy smile on his face. The adorable AJ Lee stealing a sideways glance. Stephanie McMahon cheesing way too hard. Scooby Doo just hanging out with WWE stars. Triple H trying to look tough even though he's standing next to a gigantic dog holding a DVD. Corporate Kane.

And they're all standing in front of the Mystery Machine.

This is a real photo, ladies and gentlemen, and somehow we always knew we would get it. We just couldn't have known it would be this amazing once it got here.

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