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CM Punk merchandise not included in big WWE Shop sale on past champions

This is probably reading too much into something, but, to paraphrase Mark Henry, that's what we do. WWE Shop is having a big President's Day sale on past champions' merchandise. But a certain five time champ isn't included. What could it mean?

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In honor of President's Day weekend (for our non-American readers, this upcoming Monday, Februrary 17th is a national holiday honoring past representative-democratically elected executives, scheduled near the birthdates of main eventers George Washington and Abraham Lincoln), WWE's online store, WWE Shop, is having a sale on replica championship belts and the merchandise of past champions.

One past champion's merchandise does not seem reflect the up-to-60% discounts on the gear of former champs like Daniel Bryan, John Cena and The Rock.

You may have heard of him; he once held the WWE championship for 434 days...CM Punk.

Now, other than the disappointment many will no doubt experience that you can't get this baby for any less than the $19.99 full price:


what does the decision to not mark down Punk-logoed goods mean?  Who knows, but here's some ideas:

  • His merch sells like hotcakes and they want to get every penny out of it before it's gone forever. This is my personal best guess.  It also is another reason to believe that Vince McMahon is probably personally trying to get Punk back in the fold - he may not have moved the needle on ratings or pay-per-view buys, but he was one of The Best in the World at selling merchandise.
  • The bridge has been burned and they don't want his face on the ads for the sale, or to draw attention to his absence from the product by having his gear included in the list of stuff on sale.
  • He's coming back!
  • The marketing and web teams are so busy getting ready for the WWE Network launch that they forgot to include him. Out of sight, out of mind.
Let us know what you think, Cagesiders.  And while you're making up your mind, head over to WWE Shop for some sweet deals on John Cena t-shirts.  On sale and available on pretty much any color you can imagine!

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