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Ever wonder how many WWE Raw main events end in decisive finishes?

There are a few things that internet fans complained about in 2014.  Well, more than a few probably.

When it comes to WWE, some of our favorite things to complain about are the storytelling crutches they lean on so often.  Disqualification finishes, run-ins, countouts, walkouts and the like typically lead the list.

It's particularly frustrating when these things happen during main events.  But how often does WWE Creative have the gall to end their weekly, live, flagship broadcast with a less-than-decisive finish?

Some intreprid bloggers over at decided to find out.  In work that would make our own resident statistician Cain A. Knight proud, they discovered that only 18 episodes of Raw in 2014 ended with a match that featured a winner and a loser.  That's only 34.6% of the 52 episodes that Vince McMahon and company produced.

The other 34 ended in either one of the booking shortcuts I listed above, or with a segment such as a contract signing, announcement or anything other than a wrestling match to end a wrestling - excuse me, sports entertainment - show.

Two stretches in particular - one in March and April around WrestleMania 30 and one later in the year - were particularly frustrating for fans of pinfalls and submissions.  In the first run, there was one decisive finish to a main event over the course of three months.  In the second, two months passed without one main event that ended in a pin or tap out.

The post over at Moronball has all of the finishes listed, so click on over and check it out.

Does this frustrate you, Cagesiders?  Do you think it will be any different in 2015?

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