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WWE reports Edge & Christian have filed a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR lawsuit against the company

Of course it's an angle.

During last night's episode of Main Event, Edge made mention of the fact that he couldn't sleep after what happened on Monday Night Raw with Seth Rollins and Big Show. Because of that, he had an entire team of lawyers and if anything else happened he would own WWE.

Later, it was announced that Edge & Christian filed a lawsuit against the company.


The Authority resumes power this Monday on Raw, E&C will be in charge of SmackDown this Friday. According to Michael Cole, the duo filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against WWE for the actions of Seth Rollins and Big Show last night on Raw.

According to some spoilers for SmackDown this coming Friday night, this situation will be addressed during the opening segment. However, it does not seem to indicate any resolution, an interesting point considering neither Edge nor Christian are regular characters on WWE television.

So what's the point of running a lawsuit angle? It's possible -- and this is just speculation -- it's a rib on the UFC for the recent lawsuits filed by former and current fighters against the mixed martial arts organization.

Perhaps Edge & Christian will become regulars, if only for a few weeks. Or maybe the entire matter will be dropped in a week and quickly forgotten about.

Stay tuned.

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