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Hulk Hogan on John Cena heel turn: I think he could pull it off

John Cena is not going to turn heel. It's a possibility, sure, but when's the last time you worried about getting hit by lightning while walking to your car in a rainstorm? The problem, of course, is that it's a legitimate talking point if only because, well, people get struck by lightning more than you might think. And there was a certain star with a similar career trajectory as Cena who never would have turned heel all the way up until the moment he actually did so.

Hulk Hogan.

Because the Hulkster is signed on with WWE and consistently doing media rounds, it's only natural he's asked what his thoughts are on the potential for an eventual Cena heel turn. Chuck Carroll asked him just that on The Turnbuckle Weekly and received the following response:

"If John Cena ever turned heel and really stole some of Hollywood Hogan's tricks and backstabbing tactics, I think the people would cheer him out of the building. I think the fans would go crazy. I'm not talking about Thuganomics, I'm talking about being a stone cold, heartless, no good bad guy... I think Cena could pull it off."

Well, of course! If he did it like Hogan did then he would be super successful, brother!

Context is key, however, and Hulkamania was dead in 1996 when Hulk finally went Hollywood. The move was done, more than anything, to revitalize his career. Credit where it's due: It worked. In fact, he became the leader of the nWo and helped WCW nearly run Vince McMahon and the WWF out of business.

Cena is nowhere near that position, and he may never be. He knows he has a good heel run in him, but he does what the boss asks and the boss isn't interested in turning his biggest merchandise seller into a bad guy.

That's a fact, jack.

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