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WWE updates Randy Orton injury status following Authority write-off on Raw

The final segment of WWE Raw last night (November 3, 2014) was designed to not only establish Randy Orton as a protagonist for the fans against Seth Rollins, Triple H and The Authority, but also to write The Viper out of programming for a while.

As Geno told us last week, Orton is off to be a movie star, starring in The Condemned 2: Desert Prey.  Filming looks like it will run though November, so the Stephanie McMahon-order, Hunter-approved, Rollins-inflicted assault will provide a reason for him to miss the European tour and probably Survivor Series before returning to get revenge on whatever is left of The Authority in December.

Always reliable for extending kayfabe, has a no-news "news update" on Orton today: has learned that Randy Orton was injured following an attack at the hands of The Authority, during which he suffered two consecutive Curb Stomps from Seth Rollins; one atop the announce table and another on the steel steps. The extent of the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion's injuries is unknown at this time, however, as all medical evaluations of The Apex Predator were done behind closed doors. was unable to get official comment from medical staff as to the nature of Orton's injuries, though locker room speculation is that The Viper had suffered a concussion. hopes to have an official update on Orton's condition tomorrow.

We here at Cageside Seats wish you a speedy recovery, Mr. Apex Predator.  Please kick the crap out of that bastich Rollins as soon as possible.

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