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Rusev wins US title on the WWE Network

For those of you who remembered to tune in to the WWE Network immediately following tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw in Buffalo, New York, you were treated to a United States championship match pitting titleholder Sheamus putting his strap on the line against Rusev.

As expected, the two had one hell of a hoss match.

As expected, Rusev submitted Sheamus with The Accolade, though Sheamus was made to look strong in defeat when he never gave up, instead simply passing out while in the hold.

To be fair, Rusev makes it look as though that's what would happen if you don't tap to him:

Rusev accolade

WWE continues pushing Rusev's streak of wins in singles matches, even if that isn't technically true. Either way, he's over with the live crowds -- Lana can hardly be heard over the boos during promos, the "THIS IS AWE-SOME" chant during this very match -- and he's booked like an unstoppable monster heel.


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