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Why can't we just leave AJ Lee out of the CM Punk WWE issue?

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I'm guilty.

When CM Punk dropped a million bombs in his two hour interview with Colt Cabana, airing many grievances with WWE, one of my first thoughts after coming up for air was "what will this mean for AJ Lee?"


This attitude has permeated the pro wrestling space over the past few days, with fans speculating time and again that AJ will be leaving WWE soon, as some rumors suggested months ago. The speculation has gone as far as wondering if Punk waited to release the interview when he did based on how it may or may not affect his wife through repercussions she may or may not have to face at work because of his decision to speak openly on his experience with the company before he walked out.

Again, why are we dragging her into the discussion when reality seems to dictate there is absolutely zero reason to do so?

Consider this: Punk walked out on WWE on Jan. 27, just one night after the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. AJ was the Divas champion at the time. Actually, she had just broken the record for the longest reigning Divas champion in history. She held the title all the way up until the night after WrestleMania 30, when she lost it to Paige and immediately disappeared.

It was not a WWE mandated absence, and her dropping the title was not some form of punishment. She was granted time off and used that time to move to Chicago and marry Punk. We now know her wedding took place on June 13, and that was the day Punk received his termination papers from WWE.

AJ returned to the company on June 30 and immediately won the Divas championship back from Paige. The two played hot potato with the title over the next few months until Nikki Bella was pushed enough that the only logical next step was to have her challenging for the division championship. She won it at Survivor Series this past Sunday night and now AJ is working a program opposite the Bella twins.

To be clear: WWE could have been booking AJ into the ground for 10 months now and not only is there no sign of as much, the exact opposite happened. She was given time off to get married and go on her honeymoon and was booked as the most important wrestler in her division as soon as she came back. That remains true to this day.

So, again, why are we, as fans, insisting on making her a part of the conversation?

Yes, she's married to Punk. Sure, WWE has shown in the past it can be petty and vindictive. Hell, Punk believes they deliberately sent him his termination papers on his wedding day and cited that as the straw the broke the camel's back regarding any possibility of a working relationship in the future. That indirectly affected AJ, of course, but if we're to believe Punk and WWE did, in fact, act with malice, she was a casualty in that particular situation and nothing more.

WWE isn't booking her or treating her any different than they did before Punk bailed. Despite all the twists and turns in Punk's feud with the company, AJ was spared. In fact, the only reason she's even connected to him on television is because fans incessantly chant his name when she appears.

For what it's worth, PW Insider has reported multiple times that there does not appear to be any plan for AJ to leave WWE.

It looks like this is one of those times when fans are looking for something that simply isn't there. Her personal life is just that -- her personal life.

She's doing just fine professionally.

Let's hope it stays that way for as long as she hopes it too.