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GIF: Ryback injures CM Punk slamming him through a table and missing

David Becker/Getty Images

CM Punk went hard after Ryback during the course of his two hour tell all interview with Colt Cabana and, as of yet, Ryback is the only WWE superstar to respond. Punk claims Ryback is a dangerous worker who hurt him multiple times, including a kick to the gut that broke his ribs. There was another incident that was supposed to see THE BIG GUY slam Punk through a table and he basically misses completely, piling up yet another injury onto Punk's already look list of ailments.

For anyone who listened to or read the interview, you've likely gone searching for this incident. Well, here you go:

That's what prompted this from Punk:

Punk: And I go up to Ryan and I go 'hey, man, clean slate. Let's fucking kill this. Let's fucking show 'em that you're better than they think you are, let's show them that I'm better than they think I am, and let's fucking, let's turn this mid-card shit into a fucking main event.' 'Yeah, I'm really excited, great, blah blah blah.' First night out, gorilla press through a table, fucking misses the table, dumps me on the concrete fucking ground, tilts me on my pelvis, fucks me up for weeks.

Colt: So let's add the phys... we're adding physical fuckedupness to it.

Punk: We'll, I'm compensating because of my knee is still fucked, both my knees, the one that had surgery six months ago and the one that was fucking torn up and I refused to have surgery on, I just wanted to rehab, which I did. And then, like, now it's at the point where I walk up to him and I tell him 'you can't tell me you didn't do that on purpose because you've done it so many times now. You either tell me right now you're dumb as fuck and you suck or you did it on purpose.' And he was like 'I'm dumb as fuck. I'm sorry.' And like, there's nothing, at that point there's nothing I could do. In my mind I'm like 'oh, great, I'm fucked, there's nothing I can do.'

Ryback would later claim that the confrontation Punk describes never happened and he will tell the truth on the situation at a later date. Remember, there are two sides to every story and we eagerly await the other side of this one. Punk's words are extremely unkind but so is the video evidence.

Stay tuned.