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Ryback deletes tweets, promises to 'tell the truth' about CM Punk's comments 'in due time'

Ryback has taken a couple of different approaches to respond to CM Punk's calling him "steroid guy", dangerous and unprofessional on Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast.

In keeping with his "tweet, tweet, delete" gimmick, he has deleted the multi-message series accusing Punk of being insecure and fragile (I could have swore the initial picture response was gone to, but Cagesider HubcapDave corrected me - it is still there, complete with a link to his merchandise on WWE Shop).  In it's place, there's one "last" tweet claiming the the former WWE champ never confronted him about injuries he sustained in matches with Ryback.  He also promises to offer his side of all the comments from Punk soon.

Now we can all move on...right?