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Ryback responds to CM Punk's comments on Colt Cabana podcast

David Becker/Getty Images

Throughout CM Punk's two hour interview with Colt Cabana detailing his last couple years with WWE, he spent a great deal of time going after the likes of Vince McMahon and Triple H for various issues, such as creative direction, booking, and mismanagement.

But the wrestler who got it the worst, and the one he seemed to be most bitter about, is Ryback, who Punk refers to as "steroid guy".

Punk spoke extensively on THE BIG GUY being a careless worker who injured him multiple times, including kicking him so hard in his mid-section that he broke some ribs. He believes this was done on purpose. He also tells a story of a time Ryback was to put him through a table and missed, injuring him even worse, and confronting Ryback to say that he's either "a dumb fuck" or he's just terrible at his job.

Ryback, apparently, responding by saying he's just dumb.

Punk's comments have not gone unanswered, however, as Ryback responded via his Twitter account:

Well, that's one way to go about it.