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Brock Lesnar UFC return talk is back again with WWE contract reportedly coming due

According to various rumors and reports, the belief is Brock Lesnar's contract with WWE will expire just after WrestleMania 31 next April. At that time, he'll have a big decision to make and because of that, talk of a return to the UFC is already brewing.

Over at Fox Sports, Jim Ross, a man who had a lot to do with bringing Lesnar to WWE way back in 2000, commented on as much:

"Creatively from a strategic standpoint, WWE will need to find out sooner rather than later if Brock is interested in re-signing or not. ... I see no reason he couldn't have the potential to return to the UFC and sell pay-per-views."

Ross would go on to say that it's just as possible Lesnar, who turned 37 in July, will decide enough is enough and head home to be with his family for good.

If nothing else, Lesnar has leverage on both sides. He's no longer just a spoke in the wheel at WWE -- he's the wheel. He broke Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania this year before going on to squash John Cena to win the WWE world heavyweight championship, which he still holds to this day. It's unclear how they plan to get the title off him, but speculation has Roman Reigns rising through the ranks to challenge him at WrestleMania 31 next year.

Right before his contract runs out.

Would he lose the strap before returning to the UFC for one more run in MMA now that he's years removed from the multiple bouts with diverticulitis that plagued him during his initial run? Or will WWE back up the Brinks truck and continue providing him the cushy part-time gig he enjoys now?

Stay tuned.

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