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Triple H talks The Rock's return to Raw, John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose at Hell in a Cell (Video)

Triple H is back for his weekly sitdown interview with Michael Cole to discuss whatever is going on in WWE at the moment. This week: The Rock returned on "Raw" to confront Rusev and Lana, John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose was booked for "Hell in a Cell" and "SmackDown's" 15th Anniversary Special airs this Friday night

On The Rock's return to Raw this week:

"One of the most electrifying moments probably in the history of Raw, right? For The Rock to come out there unknown to everybody, everybody in the back even... to keep a secret in this day and age is a remarkable thing. I just gotta say that it's awesome that as big as The Rock has become outside of the WWE, the biggest star in Hollywood, the highest grossing box office star in Hollywood, all those things, you can really see it when Rock is here that there is nothing in the world like stepping into the WWE Universe, nothing in the world like stepping into that ring. You could see the goosebumps on his body. You know what it is. There is nothing like igniting the WWE Universe and for him that is the greatest thing, by far, that he does anywhere."

When asked to let us in on the secret of how they pulled off getting Rock back as a surprise:

"Well, when Rock is in the area and he has the time, there's nothing The Rock loves better than to come back to the WWE. I think it is a testament to Rusev right now that The Rock, in his busy schedule, found it necessary to come back to Brooklyn to address a certain pair of Russians. That's something because Rock doesn't make that time for anybody."

On the John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose match at Hell in a Cell:

"Yeah, you know, listen, you've gotta give the WWE Universe what they want. That's what we're all about, we're about opportunity, and it seems that Ambrose and Cena just keep getting in each other's way of taking advantage of that opportunity. They want to fight over who is going to get to Seth Rollins first so be it. They're going to get to fight over who gets the opportunity to get to Seth Rollins. The unfortunate part for them is they're going to get Seth Rollins but they're going to get him inside Hell in a Cell, probably the most brutal match in WWE history. And they're going to be in there with, arguably, the future of the WWE, arguably right now one of the greatest technicians and the greatest minds actively competing today. Careful what you wish for."

On a segment wth The Rock that will air on SmackDown this Friday:

"Yeah, Rock and I had a brief conversation after Monday Night Raw was over and there were cameras there. It's interesting, to say the least. Rock's a great guy. It's tough to turn off the competitive juices between the two of us."

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