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Triple H talks taking over for Vince McMahon at WWE: 'Nobody will take his spot'

He also talks about NXT, the Performance Center, and the differences between servicing the developmental promotion and the main roster shows in "Raw" and "SmackDown".

"I've always loved kind of the creative component as much as I dug everything else. Like now, for me, I get as much excitement out of when Bray (Wyatt) first came up and we put him out on TV and he went out and just was this instant success. I felt like this proud dad. Just to see that and to be a part of that and to help him get there is so cool. I always enjoyed that part of the process. Did I ever think it would be to be the guy that, as many people will say, to take Vince's spot? Nobody is ever going to take Vince's spot because 1) he'll probably outlive all of us; he's like a cockroach, he'll survive the nuclear holocaust and be the only one left, and he's not going anywhere anytime soon. So I don't really think about that. I know they put it out there to the world and that's part of being a publicly traded company and that's cool. For me, it's just about making the product great. Whether people agree with that on the day we do it or not, that's opinion. But to make the product great, to try and ensure the future, to build this, to take the business to the next level... who is sitting in the chair at the end of the day doesn't matter to me."

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