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Stephanie McMahon's daughter wants to be a WWE Diva

During an interview with The Morning Show on CBS Sports Radio, Stephanie McMahon was asked if her daughters deal with the same culture shock she went through as a child having to adjust to normal life and life backstage at WWE.

Her answer:

"Yes, and it's just very interesting because my oldest two kids were on the road with me, up until my little one was one and my oldest was three, every week. And my oldest has really been bit by the bug. She wants to be a Diva more than you can imagine."

The daughter she is speaking of, Aurora, is just eight-years-old. So, even if that dream eventually becomes a reality it won't be for another decade or so, at which point we should all be prepared to see records for most Divas title victories shattered.


Then again, perhaps Stephanie's daughter wanting into the business would create some change in the way women are treated by the company.

One could only hope.

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