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What do you want from John Cena?

Hey you.

Yes, you.

We need to talk.

Actually, I would just like to ask you a question: What exactly is it that you want from John Cena?

He's been a main event star for the past 10 years, having won 15 WWE/world heavyweight titles in that span. His character has remained largely the same during that time, and he's been a babyface for the duration of it, oftentimes booked like Superman (with occasion not-so-subtle references to as much).

So what are you looking for out of him now?

When examining his current storyline, one in which he is going after Seth Rollins to exact personal revenge in favor of fighting for the greater good, even at the expense of other good guys, many of you responded with a mix of anger, annoyance, and outright contempt.

Cena hasn't officially turned heel but his actions within the story he's currently a part of are decidedly self-serving, arrogant, and maybe even narcissistic. They may not be referring to him as a heel, but he's absolutely acting like one.

So what's the problem? Do you need him to turn in a more obvious manner? Do you need WWE to acknowledge outright that he's no longer a good guy? Would you rather they obliterate nuance in favor of beating you about the head with a big moment signifying a major shift?

In the same way that he's acting like such a heel, he's also being decidedly human, an issue many of you have had with him in the past. He has responded to a situation like any flawed character would. The vanilla do-gooder has been replaced with a selfish revenge seeker, a twist that has made him -- in my eyes, at least -- decidedly more interesting.

Still, condemnation.

So, again, I must ask you: What do you want from John Cena?

The floor is yours...

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