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Noelle Foley confirms she wants to be a pro wrestler ... eventually

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks back, rumors were making the rounds that Noelle Foley, daughter of hardcore legend and former WWE Champion Mick Foley, was training to become a professional wrestler. She remained silent on as much until her recent appearance on the Cheap Heat podcast, where she confirmed she wants to pursue a career in the industry ... eventually.

Her comments:

"I am. I don't know who told, I was trying to keep it a secret. This is the first time I'm telling everybody, or anybody. So the story is -- well, it's not really a story, it's what's happening -- I trained for a few months. Now I'm taking a hiatus to find a wrestling school that's more right for me. Because the one I was at... (I wasn't in love with it), yeah. My dad thought I should take a break and like find one that's better for me. ... Yes, I can take all bumps. I can basically put on like a mini match. Yeah. ... Yes (this is something I want to pursue) eventually. And, you know, eventually I want to go to NXT but my dad, he wants me to actually work for it and not just be there for my name like I actually am a good wrestler and not just Mick Foley's daughter. Which I want too because I don't just want to show up and be like 'oh, this is my name, I can wrestle'. I'm already getting hate. I don't know why. Yeah, basically (when people found out I was training) it started. Like, you know, everyone is going to have their haters but ... I don't know. I don't know who they are or why they don't like me. Like, you don't know me."

She's got the right attitude and seems willing to put the work in. She's also just 20-years-old, so she's got plenty of time to train, grow, and develop, with one of the biggest stars in history as a mentor who just so happens to also be her father.

Stay tuned.

Here's the full episode of the Cheap Heat podcast with Noelle guest starring:

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