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Stevie Ray tells the follow up story after Booker T called Hulk Hogan the N word

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The Shining Wizards podcast spoke with Stevie Ray recently and asked him about Booker T's infamous gaffe at Spring Stampede when he called Hulk Hogan the N word during a brief promo when he was working with Ray as Harlem Heat. If you haven't seen it yet, here's the video:

Ray's response was to tell the follow up story, one he claims he's never told before:

"Well, It really bothered my brother. It really bothered him, whereas all the guys were ribbing him and were like, 'What's up (expletive)?' Randy Savage & whoever... They all got a big, big kick out of it. It was the pop of the night. So the next day, we go to do Nitro after the pay-per-view that Sunday and I remember I was sitting at a table, you know- we were in catering- I'm sitting at the table and Hogan walks in. So me and Hogan would always talk about cars and motorcycles, because he's into cars much like myself. I think he was getting some food when Randy Savage came in and was like, 'Hey, Hulk, what's going on man? You know Booker T called you a (expletive)?' Then Hogan was like 'That's okay, man, at least I'm a good (expletive).' The whole catering area popped. I mean everybody in the catering room just popped. And I think that's when some of the pressure kind of came off my brother. That's a true story, I've never told it before... After Hogan did that, it pretty much died that day."

Now the story has been told.