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WWE reports PPV buys for SummerSlam, Night of Champions 2014

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WWE reported its third quarter earnings today, including announcing a hugely disappointing number of subscribers (731,000) to the Network. There are measures being taken to combat that, such as a free month of November for new sign ups and a change in pricing and commitment plans.

Meanwhile, pay-per-view buy numbers were also updated and that side of the business, as expected, is slowly but surely falling away.

Here are the numbers released today:

Battleground: 99,000 buys
SummerSlam: 147,000 buys
Night of Champions: 48,000 buys

The hope, of course, was that more people would subscribe to the Network as PPV business died out. That isn't what's happening, at least not right now. Night of Champions featured Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena in a rematch from SummerSlam, an event that did well on both the Network and PPV.

There are questions to be asked regarding how much the creative direction of the television product is affecting consumers. If WWE is failing to deliver a compelling product, fans won't be willing to engage with it, and that's reflected more and more as these numbers are released.

Survivor Series will be a part of the free month of November. After that is TLC in December and then the big run up to Royal Rumble leading into WrestleMania 31 next year. WWE needs to hit big during that time to turn this around.