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WWE Q3 financial report is out, and the Network subscriber number is not good

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WWE's third quarter financials were announced today, including an updated subscriber number for WWE Network.

Following the reveal of 700,000 subscribers this Summer when they published their second quarter report, the company accelerated expansion plans internationally.  It was thought that expanding to 170 countries, and adding a no commitment subscription plan at an increased monthly price, would invigorate the number.

Today, we know that that wasn't the case.  WWE announced that they have 731,000 subscribers...a 4% increase over the Q2 number released on June 30th.  There was a note that they "averaged" 723,000 subscriptions during the period, so the the 31,000 increase from the last report is a peak.

The Stamford, Connecticut-based company and Wall Street Analysts have pegged a 1.1 million figure for 2015 as a break even point for the Network, with a 1.4 million target to return to the level of profitability they were used to when they delivered monthly specials under the old pay-per-view (PPV) model.

Seems like they have their work cut out for them.

Keep it here at Cageside Seats for more on today's financial report, and the conference call with Vince McMahon that follows its release every quarter.