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Triple H: There is a world coming without John Cena in it (Video)

In his weekly interview with Michael Cole, Triple H explains why The Authority attempted to recruit John Cena to their side on "Raw" this week. His comments will surely please many of you.

"Put it this way, Cole: 12 years Cena's been here, right, give or take. I've sat back as you have and watched him start to struggle. I know what it's like. You don't, you've never been in the ring. Really, orange jumpsut aside, it gets harder every year after a certain point. It gets harder. It's getting harder from John. That beating he took from Brock Lesnar, five years ago that beating wouldn't have happened. Now, he takes that beating. He comes back from it, but he takes that beating. It's getting harder. How much easier would it be if he just played ball with The Authority? How much easier would it be? You know, if you look at it big picture, Cole, John Cena is everything we would want in the face of the WWE, everything; except his refusal to work within the system. He's gotta stand on his own two feet because somewhere inside him is this morally correct guy that is going to tout himself to the world as the hero and the savior and he lives for the cheers. But there is a world coming without John Cena in it -- it's called the future. Right? And whether John Cena tries, he can't hold the future off. The future is coming for him, it comes for all of us sooner or later. The thing is if you handle it the right way, you end up like me. There was a point in time when you could say Triple H was becoming the past. Now they say I'm the future, right?"

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