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WWE's new domestic violence policy was a direct response to the NFL

Just last week, it was announced that WWE had implemented a new zero tolerance policy on domestic abuse, child abuse, and sexual assault. Considering the timing, there was obvious speculation that it was a clear response to the National Football League (NFL) and its horrific handling of such cases with the likes of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.

Now, in a statement released to the Washington Post, WWE has outright acknowledged that's exactly the case.

"We have watched and learned from what has unfolded in the NFL, and we felt it was important to establish a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse," the statement reads. The company says the policy will apply to all WWE corporate employees, as well, and not just those in the ring.

"We are in the midst of updating our employee code of conduct to reflect the same zero tolerance policy," the WWE said.

This certainly doesn't absolve WWE of the part it played in various incidents throughout its existence in similar cases. The company has a checkered past with its handling of such matters, and that's important to note. But it's equally important to recognize that this is absolutely the right thing to do here and now.

Let's just hope WWE never has to invoke said policy.

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