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Rusev promos continue to be the best thing

Although they didn't appear on SmackDown last night, WWE had Rusev and Lana address Big Show and the situation that happened on Monday Night Raw this past week with the American flag and the soldier rushing the ring before getting kicked in the face. Well, they completely ignore the latter, but do touch on the former.

Here's the video, for however long WWE leaves it up:

Lana had this to say, which is fine if you can ignore the insulting Russian accent:

"Allow us to address what happened this past Monday night on Raw. Despite what everyone thought, Rusev was not going to pull down the American flag. We would not lower ourselves to such standards just like your bigoted military that always paints Mother Russia as the villain. You Americans bask yourselves in your own ignorance of your supposed superiority."

But it's Rusev who hits the home run when he comes in:

"We will crush anyone that stands in our way. And Big Show, you and your misguided anger and your oversized giant American heart will not help you this Sunday at Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Big Show, like America, this Sunday you will fail."

Rusev promos continue to be the best thing, and if you can't appreciate a huge foreign dude attempting to trash talk in English and almost failing miserably but somehow pulling it off, well, there's just no hope for you.

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