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Cesaro is saving the Swing so he doesn't become another WWE one-trick pony, and is as lost as you are about how he's been booked this year

The man who will challenge for the Intercontinental championship tonight on Smackdown, Cesaro, is very confident in his abilities.  That comes across in spades during a recent interview pop culture site This is Infamous.

Discussing his ability to adapt to different styles, the Swiss Superman gets to what may have been a problem during his development in WWE...a desire to fit in with the more flashy "sports entertainment" elements of the show:

I didn't find a big difficulty transitioning into the ring because there's nobody better than I am inside that ring. I find it more that probably at first I was trying to fit in doing what other people are doing now, with trying to have an elaborate entrance and being all flashy and having cool gear and stuff like that, and I got away from that because that's not me and I feel everybody else is doing that while having the coolest part be the entrance. With me it's once I get into the ring, and the action starts.

Having settled into a groove of just being the best in the ring, his sights are now firmly on a title that he thinks befits that status.  While being gracious to the current champ, he makes his intentions clear:

Dolph has done a great job elevating the tile just because he is a very good in-ring competitor. He's never as good as I am, which is why I think I should be the Intercontinental Champion. If you look at the Intercontinental Champion, historically that has always belonged to the best of the best in-ring talent, the best wrestler, whatever you want to call it, that came out night after night, produced night after night, and that will be me. So I think rightfully the Intercontinental Championship should be mine from Smackdown, and I'll go into Hell in a Cell as the Intercontinental Champion.

His answer to if he'll bring the Swing back as a regular part of his arsenal points to his mind for the business - and how he views the competition in WWE:

I put the Swing in every now and again. There's enough one-trick ponies in the WWE, and I don't wanna be one of them. If I feel like it's right time to bust out the Swing, I'll do it. But as you and everyone else has seen, there's plenty of excitement in my matches with or without the Swing.

While he speaks about what he learned working under Paul Heyman, the former United States champion sounds as lost as many of his fans concerning his roller coaster 2014.  Specifically, he regrets that the faction he left to join up with Heyman never reached the top.

I go on record all the time saying me and Jack Swagger were the best tag team in the WWE to never hold a tag team championship, and I stand by that, because Jack and I were an incredible tag team.  I was definitely sad the way it ended. I think we could have... We should have won the Tag Team Championship. We would probably still be Tag Team Champions. And that's my only regret.

What do you think?

Should Cesaro use the Swing more?  Should he have joined up with Heyman?  Was there untapped potential in The Real Americans?  Will he be Intercontinental champ soon?

Let us know!

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