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Triple H: The matter with Rusev attacking a soldier will be dealt with internally

This is good kayfabing right here.

During his weekly interview with Michael Cole, Triple H was asked to address the situation with a uniformed soldier rushing the ring to prevent Rusev from tearing down the American flag and responding by kicking the soldier in the face.

The response:

"Yeah, you know, unfortunate situation. Listen, I would caution any member of the WWE Universe to remember that they are just a spectator and not to get involved in any way. That matter with Rusev will be dealt with internally. As far as how Big Show deals with that, I will just say this to Rusev: As impressive as he has been, politics aside, I would not want to step in the ring with an angry, 7 foot, 450-pound giant with a knockout punch. It's not a good place to be."

That's that good kayfabe stuff.

Here's the complete interview, most of which is spent talking about Triple H's history working Hell in a Cell matches:

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