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'Baywatch' movie starring The Rock?

'Baywatch' movie starring The Rock!

Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter reported an exclusive that a Baywatch movie is going to be made and said Baywatch movie would star none other than The Rock himself, Dwayne Johnson.

From the report:

Paramount is moving forward with its big-screen adaptation of Baywatch and has loosely attached Dwayne Johnson for beach patrol duties. The studio also has hired Justin Malen to rewrite and has attached the hot comedy writing team of Sean Anders and John Morris (We're the Millers) to direct.

Later, The Rock would confirm his attachment to the flick on Twitter:

For those who don't remember, Baywatch was an absolutely terrible show about lifeguards in Los Angeles that aired throughout the 1990s and starred David Hasselhoff. Here's an episode from 1996 featuring a bunch of WCW stars:

Paramount has reportedly been trying to get this movie made for some time and it appears they're finally getting their wish with a bonafide action star as the lead in The Rock, who won't stand in the darkness because he's not afraid to step into the light.

Your thoughts on this?

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