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Sami Zayn on WWE main roster call up: It's not the destination, it's the journey

Sami Zayn, who had a long and successful pro wrestling career on the independent scene wrestling under the name El Generico, was signed to WWE in early 2013. He made his debut in NXT in February and wrestled his first match for the developmental promotion in March.

It's now October of 2014 and he's still waiting to be called up to the main roster.

Considering how polished he is as a performer, fans are rightfully questioning just what the hell is holding him back. For his part, Zayn told Sam Roberts he's simply enjoying the ride while he's on it and letting the chips fall where they may:

"I don't know. I don't know how to answer this, really, because I think people want you to be like 'you should be angry, you should be chomping at the bit'. But, like, I know it's gonna -- well, I don't know, I could die tomorrow -- but it'll happen. I think if you get too hung up on 'when's it gonna happen', you kind of miss the beauty of the ride. You know, they say it's not the destination it's the journey and I kind of believe that in my life and my journey to get here has been awesome. I've talked about it so much, about going to all these places and doing all these things but if my attitude while I was doing that was 'god, why am I not in WWE yet' then I wouldn't have enjoyed being on the road and traveling and living this awesome life that I'm so blessed (to have). ... All I know is while I'm here and now, and even doing this interview I'm focused on this interview. When I'm on Raw, I'll focus on Raw. Right now I'm in NXT and I want to win that championship and I want to focus on the goals at hand, and the rest kind of falls in line."

The developmental program is an entirely new beast with Triple H in charge and grand plans to make NXT into the next WCW (sans the creative nosedive and going out of business bit). Zayn is an integral part of the roster, one who would be hard to replace if he made the move up to working Raw and SmackDown on a full time basis.

And with the addition of Hideo Itami, Finn Balor, Kevin Steen, and others, his not being called up certainly isn't hurting fans -- it might even be the better option -- though it is affecting Zayn's pocket book.

Would you Cagesiders rather he stay in NXT or come up to the main roster?

Here's the full interview:

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