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Dean Ambrose the next face of WWE? Chris Jericho thinks so

Although Roman Reigns is the guy who has been getting groomed to assume the throne as the next face of the WWE, at least whenever John Cena finally decides to step down, Chris Jericho told Between the Ropes in a recent interview that he believes another name may be better equipped for the job.

Dean Ambrose.


"I saw Dean when he first started and there was something different about him. He has that Jeff Hardy ‘X' factor. There's just something about him that you can't push on somebody. You can teach them how to take a bump, give them a look, give them wins but certain guys have a certain something about them that you know is going to take them to the next level no matter what. Dean definitely has that and in my opinion - I'm not the god of everything but I have a pretty good track record of picking guys - I think he's the closest that they have right now to being the next face of the WWE. I don't think that's as important now with the Network and less emphasis on pay-per-views and that sort of thing. But as far as a guy who can come in there as the top babyface, I think Dean's your best best right now."

Jericho is right to bring up the WWE Network and the ever changing business model. Gone are the days of needing a megastar like a Hulk Hogan or a Stone Cold Steve Austin to carry the promotion to huge television ratings that would then translate into big buyrates on pay-per-view (PPV).

Still, the business of professional wrestling will always be built on the characters within it and Ambrose has the obvious appeal of a big star. Just how big he can be is up for debate.

Anyone out there think WWE should alter its reported plans and choose Ambrose over Reigns as the next king of the castle?

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