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CSS Fixes It: Wrestling Themes

Honest moment: current WWE themes aren't exactly at a high point right now. In fact, in this Cagesider's opinion, we're in a serious lull in the music department. I mean, would Jim Johnston ever come up with this?

Probably not. Perhaps the two biggest complaints with these new batch of themes is that for the most part, they're (a) too generic or (b) don't fit the character in any way.

Granted, there are a few hits in the bunch (Jack Swagger, Paige, and Sami Zayn come to mind), but when they miss... they miss hard (hello Bayley, NXT, and Smackdown).

So, inspired by BaconStrips' fanpost on CFO$ Wrestling Theme Improvement Services (which I highly recommend you read if you got about five minutes), I'd figure I'd start my own wrestling theme improvement services. Or better yet, WE start our own.


For our purposes, money is absolutely no object. Rights fees be damned, we'll fix everybody's theme to make it fit the character.

With that, let's get to fixing theme music. Cagesiders, post your new suggested themes for your favorite wrestler (or at least a wrestler theme that needs to be fixed).

I'll give an example. Wouldn't it be better if NXT, instead of this, started with this:

Come on Cagesiders! Let's fix it!

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