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The rumored Michael Cole-Justin Roberts fight never happened

Not according to JBL, at least.

WWE parted ways with Justin Roberts following this past Monday night's episode of Raw in Atlanta, unable to come to terms on a new deal. Before any details on the situation were known, or Roberts himself had commented on the situation, some rumors started making the rounds that some fans at the Philips Arena had witnessed Roberts and Michael Cole get into an argument of some sort ringside during the show.

According to JBL, however, these rumors are false. From his Facebook:

"I saw on the Internet that Michael Cole and Justin Roberts got into a fight at ringside-during a live Raw. Do you realize how preposterous this is? Michael has ZERO break during the three hours (King and I barely have enough to tweet!), we go straight to WWE App during commercials (which Maggle is so helpful in showing everyone how to download) and back to TV action. This 'fight' never happened and couldn't have happened due to lack of time. I have no idea how these things start-but happy that people care enough to write about what we do and what goes on, sometimes though the 'news' is wrong as in this case."

And there you have it.

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