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WWE's 5 'Scariest' Hell in a Cell moments all involve Mick Foley and Undertaker

Because of course.

WWE is gearing up for Hell in a Cell and with that, its video properties are getting all festive and working the theme. The latest episode of "5 Things" gives us the "Scariest" Hell in a Cell moments and -- SURPRISE -- they all involve either Mick Foley or Undertaker.

1. Shawn Michaels takes a bump off the side of the cage
2. Foley takes a bump off the top of the cage
3. Foley takes another bump off the top, this time through the cage
4. Foley takes a bump through the cage roof, then the ring
5. Rikishi gets choke slammed off the cage

Undertaker's appearances are all due to his dishing out punishment.

Big evil indeed.

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