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Inspired by Batista, let's rename every James Bond movie

We posted earlier today the word going around that Dave Bautista may have landed a role as a villain in the next James Bond movie. And because we've cultivated an amazing community here at Cageside Seats, the response to the news may have been even better than the news itself.

Namely, user My Big Mouth using inspiration from Batista to rename every James Bond movie.

Dr Deal With It
From Bootista With Love
You Only Boo Twice
On Triple H's Secret Service
Bootista's Are Forever
Deal With It And Let Die
The Man With The Blue Trunks
The Spy Who Dealt With It
For Your Boos Only
Never Say Bootista Again
A Boo to a Kill
The Evolution Daylights
License to Boo
Tomorrow Never Deals With It
The Boos Are Not Enough
Deal With It Another Day
Bootista Royale
Quantum of Dealing With It

I would tell you my personal favorite but every time I start to decide another one pops out at me. This is glorious.

Tell us your favorite in the comments below.

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