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Bray Wyatt promises that his character's next move will rip the skin off your face

The Eater of Worlds was tracked down by super-fan and radio/internet personality Sam Roberts, and in addition to having the best reaction to Sam's signature opening question ever, he had a pointed answer when addressing what's to come for Bray Wyatt:

What comes next from Bray Wyatt will peel the skin back from everyone's forehead. This is nothing. It's a joke.  [Laughs]

Even better is when he continues and speaks to Robert's (and many fan's) concerns that he has been absent from television and even missed a pay-per-view (PPV, September's Night of Champions:

It evolves on itself. As I keep saying, there is no character, man. It happens naturally, man, it's the evolution of ME...  Missing a PPV? Come on, you think I'd just miss a PPV for no reason?  Come on...

Just Wyatt spinning an awesome kayfabe explanation as a way to downplay a real issue with his rise up the WWE card?  Or is his absence really part of an intricate plan to take the character to the next level?

Watch the whole interview and be entertained while you decide, then let us know what you think.

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