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Kurt Angle WWE return may be in the works

PW Insider has published a report on Kurt Angle updating his status in professional wrestling and it's most interesting indeed, for a number of reasons. First, let's get to the major points in the report:

  • His contract has expired and he is officially a free agent as of this writing.
  • He is reportedly in conversations with WWE about making a return.
  • He may have been offered a full time deal on the basis that he pass all medical testing, though that's a given. Angle, apparently, turned this down thinking his body couldn't handle WWE's demanding full time schedule. However, discussions are apparently ongoing and Angle could return on a part-time deal.
  • Despite all this, he could elect to return to TNA.

This is at least somewhat surprising considering the fact that while publicly WWE wouldn't rule out a return, all other reports indicated the company wasn't keen on bringing him back for fear of his well documented health issues. The man himself identifies as a "WWE guy", however, and has been open about wanting to come back for one more run before retiring. He's also stated a clear interest in being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

He promised a new deal would be announced "in a couple weeks" a full month ago, so the next report on Angle's status could very well be his signing a deal.

But will it be with WWE or TNA?

At least now we know both are a real option.

Stay tuned.

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