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Mick Foley endorses Dean Ambrose using the double arm DDT

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Dean Ambrose broke out the old Mick Foley special, the double arm DDT, on this past Monday night's (Oct. 6, 2014) episode of Raw from Brooklyn, New York. He used it to put away John Cena to close the show, something Foley did a time or two in his career with the likes of The Rock or Triple H.

So how did the hardcore legend feel about it?

I've been asked so many times since WWE Monday Night Raw - literally dozens...and dozens of times - how I feel about Dean Ambrose - WWE using the Mick Foley #DoubleArmDDT at the conclusion of the show.

Easy answer: I love it! Besides, it's not exactly MY DDT, anyway, I saw a young Kenta Kobashi (who went on to become an all-time great in our business) using it on a 1991 tour doe All-Japan wrestling, and thought "I can pull that off!" And so I did. I wish Dean nothing but the best with it, and hope it's a regular part of his arsenal on his rocket-ride to the top of WWE.

I'm flattered any time I see a WWE Superstar or Diva borrow anything from the Foley library - be it a move, a phrase, or just the idea of giving fans their money's worth each time they step into the ring.

Ambrose and Foley have history. Back in 2012 during WrestleMania weekend, Dean confronted Mick about his past as a hardcore worker who greatly affected children everywhere with his reckless style. It was a shoot style angle meant to introduce Ambrose to the larger audience and build to a later match between the two. That was called off once Foley failed a physical and was told never to wrestle again thanks to a number of concussions.

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