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Report: The Wyatt Family is breaking up

This past Monday night on Raw, an inspired vignette aired featuring Bray Wyatt talking cryptically about Luke Harper. It was done in the same style as the original hype videos that introduced The Wyatt Family during the summer last year. Now, it seems, it's being done to break the group up.

That's according to a report from PW Insider. The plan, apparently, is to have Wyatt, Harper, and Erick Rowan go their separate ways to start their singles careers.

Here's the video that aired on Raw:

Wyatt: "When I found him he was lost with nothing but broken memories. Everything about him was shattered. She took everything away with her cold hands. They teach our boys to wear the skin of a man, to believe, and to fight for things that they can't even understand. But what do you give a man that has nothing? I gave him a reason to exist. I fixed him. Now, I send him out to your world as a wolf among sheep. He's set free."

Harper: "Now, I put myself back together with pieces of you. Peek-a-boo ... you're doomed."


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