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Batista returning to WWE with a two-year contract

He may not stick around this long, but that's the length of the deal, according to a report.

When Batista makes his return to WWE on the Jan. 20, 2014, episode of Monday Night Raw in Dayton, Ohio, a return over three years in the making, he will do so working under a new two-year contract. And that's not for a part-time schedule either. No, he'll be booked as a full time performer, house shows and everything.

That's the word from the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), at least.

It should immediately be noted that just because he's put pen to paper and agreed to work for the next two years, that doesn't mean he'll actually fulfill the contract. Batista's nothing if not prone to injury, and he suffered his fair share of setbacks during his initial run with the company a few years back.

WWE is counting on him to be healthy. Current rumors have him winning the Royal Rumble -- he officially entered the match this past Monday night -- before going on to WrestleMania 30, the first pay-per-view (PPV) to broadcast on the new WWE Network, to challenge Randy Orton for the WWE world heavyweight championship.

Plans can change, of course, but even if they do he's still a big part of the much bigger picture for the 2014 campaign. WWE is rolling the dice in quite a few areas this coming year and counting on Batista still being a major drawing card is one of them.

Stay tuned.

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