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Dolph Ziggler suffers another concussion at WWE superstars taping in Ryback match

Not again.

Shamsuddin Muhammad

During a match against Ryback that was taped for Superstars before last night's (Jan. 6, 2014) live "Old School" edition of Monday Night Raw in Baltimore, Maryland, Dolph Ziggler took a particularly hard clothesline from "The Big Guy" and suffered yet another concussion.

That's according to a report from, who has a quote from doctor Chris Amman:

"Unfortunately Dolph sustained a concussion during his match on the clothesline given to him by Ryback. We were able to evaluate him in the ring; he was having some confusion and disorientation. We took him back to the training room and confirmed a concussion. He's currently feeling better but we'll proceed with ImPACT testing and further evaluation to determine when we can get him back in the ring."

While we definitely had our fun with the kayfabe report of Mark Henry suffering a dislocated elbow at the hands of Brock Lesnar on Raw, this one is not a work and there isn't anything fun about a serious head injury. What makes it worse is this is Ziggler's second concussion in eight months.

The first one came last May when Jack Swagger kicked Ziggler in the head during a SmackDown taping. It was a scary injury, and one Dolph originally thought might actually end his career.

Ultimately, it stopped a big push that included a world heavyweight title run and kept him on the shelf for roughly a month before he returned to action and quickly shot back down the card. He's been doing what he can to work his way back up, but this won't help his cause.

And considering his history, it's fair to wonder if he'll ever be the same.

UPDATE: A Cagesider in the comments section here on the site was at the show and witnessed the match live. It is his belief that the clothesline from Ryback isn't what caused the concussion, despite it getting blamed for it:

I think the doc saying he took a hard clothesline from Ryback is a work, even if the concussion is legit. There was a really awkward spot where Ziggler seemed to bump too early and just kind of rolled outside. I don't think Ryback even touched him. Ziggler was running the ropes and just kind of went down. I knew he was hurt the minute it happened.

They started doing a count out and they probably could've stopped the match there, but Ziggler got back in the ring and they pretty much immediately grabbed a hold.

Scary thing is, they did a spot where Ryback held him in a vertical suplex for what had to be 30 seconds or longer. If he was concussed, I'm surprised he didn't throw up right there.