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Jim Ross gives unique perspective on CM Punk walking out on WWE

You need to read this perspective from Jim Ross, who held a position within WWE that required dealing with talent, including during tough times.

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You've already read and/or heard a million HOT TAKES on CM Punk walking out on WWE this past Monday night before Raw just one night after Royal Rumble and two months out from WrestleMania 30. It's an incredibly big story and, naturally, that means you're going to read a wide range of opinions on it.

Some are worth the time, some clearly aren't. One that you should definitely pay attention to is that of Jim Ross, the former head of WWE Talent Relations who has a unique insight into matters like this thanks to his many years dealing with such things.

From his blog:

Before everyone analyzes this matter to death, let's break it down into a few basic points some of which I can speak on from experience as the former head of talent relations for WWE.

Matters such as this generally concern one or both of the Two C' and/or creative.

Punk is mentally and physically burned out and he's not having enough professional fulfillment to work through his issues. He needs a break.

All talents are wired differently which is why they all cannot be managed the same or even treated the same in many instances.

Recognizing when a talent is getting frayed around the edges is management's job. Once the problem is identified it is incumbent upon everyone involved in the equation to work together to solve the problem through compromise and respect but most of all communication.

If the talent or the company is unwilling to compromise, then, most likely the problem won't be solved and, therefore, if a problem can't be solved there's only one other option to put in play and that is to eliminate the problem.

There's a lot more and I encourage you to read it by clicking here. Go give him a page view.

It appears as though WWE simply won't push Punk as the top star of its promotion and with his career winding down and his final goals looking more and more out of reach, the boiling pot exploded from the pressure. Combine that with injury, exhaustion, road weariness, and the lack of a strong creative direction on a long enough timeline, and that was that.

The problem has been eliminated ... for now.

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