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Matt Hardy, Gabe Sapolsky among industry reaction to CM Punk Leaving WWE

While we await word from either the man himself or the company he's contracted to, others from around the pro wrestling industry have started to talk. Read the early reaction here.

Reaction around the internet wrestling community (IWC) to CM Punk reportedly leaving WWE prior to the filming of January 27th's Monday night Raw has been all over the map.

Now we're getting the first trickle of comments from others in the pro wrestling industry.  Nothing from with Vince McMahon's empire yet, but some interesting takes from some equally interesting sources.

Gabe Sapolsky was the head booker for Ring of Honor (ROH) during Punk's tenure with that company, and he reports that he had been "flooded with requests" to get "The Second City Saint" to appear in his current promotions, Dragon Gate USA and Evolve.  He issued this statement in response to the call from fans:

CM Punk and I were close at one time, but have not spoken in months. There was no falling out or heat to my knowledge, it's just how things go with both of us leading very different lives now. In other words, I have no inside track or info, just a take on things. I have already received many messages with fans asking for Punk in DGUSA and EVOLVE, especially with the shows coming up in New Orleans on April 3rd, 4th and 5th as part of the WWNLive Experience. However, knowing Punk I would be shocked if he ever did an independent wrestling show again. There's probably a better chance HHH shows up at a non-WWE event. Punk has given himself 110% to the business over the last few years. His scheduled amazed me because there was no way any human should have had to endure it. He gave his heart, soul and body to WWE and every wrestling fan. My take on all this is it is best now to just leave Punk alone. Let him recharge, refresh and get his life back. He mentally and physically needs it. If and when he's ready to do something, I'm sure he will. Just leave him alone and let him be.

Former WWE star and brother of a guy that Punk famously feuded with in the company (and in real life), Matt Hardy took to Twitter to support the "Straight Edge Superstar".  It must be noted, of course, that Hardy may be looking to direct some attention away from news of his latest personal problems hitting the sheets today.

More as we get them, Cagesiders...stay right here for more of "As (The Best in) the World Turns."

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