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CM Punk's WWE departure reportedly due to anger over Batista, WrestleMania 30 match with Triple H

Now TMZ is on the story and it's getting really big, folks!

When news broke that CM Punk walked out on WWE after telling Vince McMahon he was going home at Monday Night Raw on Jan. 27, 2014, it wasn't made clear what exactly led to that decision. Sure, we could speculate that he had something to do with his being burned out, hurt, and fed up with his treatment within the company -- at least creatively -- but we couldn't know.

Then, more details trickled out that seemed to support that. Now, a new report from TMZ, of all places, is outright saying what the problems are that led Punk to take his ball and go home.

According to their report, the decision to bring back Batista and book him to win the Royal Rumble before going on to WrestleMania 30 for a WWE world heavyweight title match played a big part.

Believe it or not, Batista not being in great shape is apparently part of the issue.


We're told Punk feels he earned the right to be in the main event at WrestleMania -- because he's been wrestling tirelessly over the past year from house shows to overseas events. Punk was angry when he found out he'd be wrestling Triple H at WrestleMania instead of squaring off in the title match.

It was also stated Punk has no plans to return to WWE at this time.

That could very well change in the coming months, of course, because he's still under contract with the company until July and, well, this is the most lucrative time of the year for the promotion and, in turn, the wrestlers.

But as has been mentioned, Punk doesn't need the money and he's been vocal about how downright fatigued he has become with both the grueling travel schedule, and the never ending twists and turns of WWE creative.

Is this the end? It could very well be.

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