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Eve Torres tells story of choking out Matt Hardy (Video)

Do not mess with Eve Torres. Just don't do it.

During an appearance on the MMA Hour, former WWE Diva Eve Torres told the story of that time she choked out Matt Hardy. This should clear up any confusion over Stephanie McMahon's reference in the picture that was posted here yesterday.

Above is the video(skip to 29:00 for the story), below is the text:

"It was very funny, actually, that (Stephanie tweeted it out there). And I'll tell the generic, vague version of it. Basically, when I first started on the road and I was on my first overseas tour, everyone kind of, like, messes with you a bit, everyone's testing you out. So, I'm sure there was, on their end, a lot of alcohol going on. This is just something that happens overseas, everyone's drinking. Back that it was even worse because the drug policy wasn't fully enforced or whatever.

So basically he starts kind of like trying to play wrestle with me, and mind you I had been training jiu-jitsu for like three or four months, so he's trying to play wrestle with me and I'm kind of trying to fight back and then for some reason it just clicks in my mind and I'm like 'I want to see if this stuff works'. And not to mention, I'm a little bit competitive, and I'm a little bit like territorial, and I'm a little aggressive sometimes. So it basically turns into almost like a full on bar fight. We're the only people... only people from the company are in this little bar, in the hotel bar or whatever. It turns into like a full on bar fight. And I'm trying to like pull a triangle; again, like three or four months so I really have no idea what I'm doing. I'm really just trying to pull things out like 'I want to use this stuff, I want to see if it works'. Finally, it gets broken up and I check my eye and he had given me a black eye -- by accident, by the way. Here's the thing: Afterwards, there was no hard feelings, you know what I mean? But in the time, I was a little bit like (ready to scrap), it was...

"So I get a black eye and I'm like 'oh my'. Now I turn to rage, like boiling rage, because I realize I have a black eye. (Because I'm on tour) and I had just started at the company. So I sink in a rear-naked choke, and put my hooks in, and he goes to sleep. Yeah. And he starts, um, snoring. And all the other wrestlers were like 'You just got choke out by an interviewer!' I was an interviewer backstage, I wasn't even in the ring yet!"

There's a lot of other good stuff in the full interview, so make sure you watch it.

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