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Ultimate Warrior is open to one more WWE match

Expect the chants at his Hall of Fame induction. They might actually lead somewhere.

You knew this would come up sooner or later and, quite frankly, it's a surprise it hasn't come up until now: Ultimate Warrior was recently asked by Sports Illustrated if he's got one more match left in him now that he's cut a deal with WWE to be inducted into its Hall of Fame later this year.

His response:

"The 90s version of The Ultimate Warrior, that beast? No. [Laughs] But I'm still very intense, I'm still in great shape, and the way the business is today, I think something could be arranged. But that 90s version of The Ultimate Warrior can't be done. He's my muse. I wake up every morning and I'm inspired by him, but trying to go back and bring him back 25 years later, there's just no way."

He's not lying about still being very intense and in great shape. Here's a throwback video to 2012 when he gave one of his "injections of inspiration" via the "Genius Reaper":

He's also right about the business today being open to making another match possible. Actually, WWE could feasibly book him to squash someone in the same way he squashed Triple H in his return match at WrestleMania 12 back in 1996. He could run out, shake the ropes, have a quick staredown, take a finish, no sell the hell out of it, hit his splash, get the pinfall, and be out of there in about five minutes.

Perhaps someone low on the totem pole who has backstage heat and has been pissing people off lately would fit the bill?

Stay tuned.