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Cody Rhodes wedding date could provide a spoiler on his WWE return

Cody Rhodes has been written off WWE television so he can go get married. His wedding date could provide a spoiler on when he'll return to the fold.

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Generally, the idea of reporting on Cody Rhodes wedding date is a bit bothersome. After all, his personal life is his personal life and while anything a celebrity does can technically be construed as "news", it oftentimes doesn't feel right.

But, much like John Cena and his divorce last year, it likely has an affect on WWE and what we're seeing (and reporting on) on television each and every week. For that reason, it's worth mentioning.

Rhodes was written off TV last week when he was put in a match against WWE Champion Randy Orton with the added stipulation that if he lost, he would be fired. He was defeated and cut the best promo he's ever laid down in a brief interview with Josh Matthews on the way out.

The reason for his departure quickly spread throughout the pro wrestling rumor mill, and it turns out he went on hiatus so he could marry longtime girlfriend Brandi Reed. According to their registry at Bed Bath & Beyond, the wedding date is set for Sept. 26. If they're anything like nearly every other married couple in history, the honeymoon will immediately follow.

That means we may not be seeing Rhodes on WWE programming for at least another three weeks, and maybe longer. Sure, he could pop in before then, perhaps via satellite. Or, the promotion could simply go back on the firing stipulation and he could return to work as normal before taking off in two weeks.

We'll have to stay tuned, but it certainly appears as though he'll be out for about a month.

That could provide a spoiler for tonight's (Sept. 9, 2013) episode of Raw, which features Goldust, Cody's brother, returning to battle Randy Orton in an attempt to save Cody's job. Make sure you follow along with the live blog tonight to see how that turns out.

Either way, congratulations to the happy couple and hopefully Rhodes is back with WWE sooner rather than later.

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