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WWE does damage control with Big Show's crying giant character

Considering the reaction to the angle on "Monday Night Raw" this past week, it makes sense WWE would do this.

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This past Monday night's (Sept. 2, 2013) episode of Monday Night Raw featured Stephanie McMahon and Triple H turning Big Show into a crying giant, a gigantic heap of tears and flesh. It was a sad display, really, not because it painted McMahon and Triple H as the dastardly duo they are, but because it made Show look downright pathetic.

Two videos to showcase as much:

That's ugly right there, and maybe even a little hard to watch.

This caused quite a few fans to point out how awful it made Show look and, in turn, later made Daniel Bryan look for hardly putting up a fight against the aforementioned pathetic mess of crying flesh.

In an attempt to do a little damage control, released an interview with Show that features the following quote:

"I don't think anyone really knows me. I'm an emotional person. Anger and frustration comes out in many ways ... I'm not afraid to hug my friends that I love and I'm not afraid to express my emotions when I'm upset. The way I look at it, I'm more of a man because I'm in touch with my emotions. I think people that deny their emotions are pretty weak individuals, if you want my honest opinion."

Well, at least that's something. It still doesn't help when he's been reduced to a broke old man who is about to die soon with no other skills than being a big man, but whatever.

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