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Christian suffered a concussion during a match with Randy Orton last week

On last week's episode of "Monday Night Raw", Christian suffered a concussion during a match with Randy Orton. He is now out indefinitely.

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This is news that seemed to fly under the radar, but Christian apparently suffered a concussion during his match with Randy Orton on the Aug. 26, 2013, edition of Monday Night Raw. He is out indefinitely.

More from, who broke the news:

"We've pulled him out of all activity," said Amann. "His ImPACT scores are normal, but he's still having some symptoms of fogginess and cloudiness."

He continued, "We are waiting for symptoms to get better until we perform an in-ring exertional challenge later this week at the Performance Center in Orlando. At that point, if he's able to get in the ring and exert himself, and work without symptoms, we'll go ahead and clear him [to compete]."

It's amazing, really, that he suffered a concussion in that match because it was an outstanding encounter worthy of the high praise it received. By the same token, it's clear WWE creative has really had much for him, as he was coming off a placeholder feud with Alberto Del Rio over the world heavyweight championship, one that lasted all of a couple weeks and one pay-per-view match.

Now, he's out injured just months after coming back from a long layoff.

Might it be time to talk about the end of his road as an active wrestler? I'll let you Cagesiders decide that one.

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