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Mark Henry signs three year extension with WWE

He gets hurt a lot. He reportedly gets heat for it. But none of that will stop him from drawing a paycheck from the company for 20 straight years, according the World's Strongest Man himself.

Arda Ocal spread the news that Henry himself dropped on Jay Mohr's podcast - he has signed a new three year deal with WWE.

Running through 2016, this means that The World's Strongest Man will celebrate 20 years with the only professional wrestling company for whom he has ever worked.  Mizark is a former Olympic powerlifter who first appeared in the then WWF in August of 1996.  He is a former World Heavyweight, ECW and European champion for the promotion.

Henry told Mohr that he received a raise, but did not disclose any figures.  Considering rumors that his last deal was for ten years with a downside guarantee of more than three-quarters of a million dollars per year, even a flat extension might be enough to raise eyebrows.

Beyond the basic intrigue of signing an injury prone 42 year old to a three year deal, presumably as an active wrestler, there's also the matter of recent history for the proprietor of The Hall of Pain and his employer.  Just a few months ago, Henry was injured and the internet wrestling community (IWC) churned with rumors of his being in trouble with the company as a result.  That was either a complete work or the genesis of an epic work that had the big guy teasing retirement only to swerve the world in order to set-up a quick feud with then WWE champion John Cena.

Then, he got injured again.

And now, we may get to see the cycle repeated for the next three years.

What do you think, Cagesiders?  Is Henry worth locking up at this point?  What should WWE do with him?  What do you think they will do with him?

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