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What's up with your contract, dude?

His rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship has been confirmed...but how much longer will Rob Van Dam be around after Battleground? Some folks in the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) think they have info for us on that.

From when the initial news of his WWE return broke, that news came with the understanding that it was a "limited" deal.

What was never exactly clear was what exactly "limited" meant.  And as even the most skeptical (me) about what a 42 year old Whole F'n Show could bring to the largest wrestling promotion in the world were turned into believers by his inspired performances against Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Christian and Dean Ambrose, wrestling fans started to wonder and even hope that maybe he'd be sticking around on a regular schedule.

The Wrestling Observer (subscription required) reports that RVD will be a free agent again after his recently announced rematch at the Battleground pay-per-view (PPV).  The belief is that the contract with expire shortly after the October 6th show.  WWE wants Van Dam to stick around, and has offered him a new deal (the details of which we can start speculating on as soon as it's leaked that he's signed it), but he's yet to accept it.

Does this telegraph the ending of the upcoming title match in Buffalo?  Or is it a smokescreen to avoid doing just that?

Do you Cagesiders want to see more of Mr. Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday night on WWE television?  Or are you ready to take a break?

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